Our ultimate summer salad

David Glover June 26, 2019

No meal is better on a hot day than a fresh, juicy mango salad. 

My home is often full with friends, colleagues and clients, so finding quick ways to pull together a nice lunch for everyone has always been important to me. In high summer, a fresh and juicy mango salad is my ultimate favourite.
- Start with a wide, shallow bowl, as big as you can get. Cover it with crispy lettuce leaves.
- Add peeled, cubed cucumber and ripe avocado until the lettuce leaves are almost covered.
- Sprinkle small chunks of ripe tomatoes (as many different kinds and sizes that you can find), chopped red onion and lots of diced mango.
- Add some olive oil and freshly squeezed lime juice. Top with fresh mint leaves (or coriander), some crushed nuts and seeds. Finish with salt flakes and pepper.
- If you want some protein, slices of fried halloumi gives a salty, textured flavour. Lime-marinated barbecued prawns add that extra summer twist.
- Add some finely chopped chili or chili flakes if you want to spice it up a little.
Make sure all the fruit and vegetables are cool from the fridge when you start. Serve immediately with some nice, crisp pale rosé (we love Ribas from Mallorca). And drink lots of water!
Happy summer!
David Glover

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David Glover

Written by David Glover